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Reasons for SKEA

many of the activities which associated with the Salcombe and Kingsbridge estuary have established organisations devoted to the furtherance of their particular interest. In most cases membership is open to the resident and general public but the field of interest and the point of view of each organisation is necessarily restricted to some degree. 

SKEA was founded to satisfy the need for an organisation to accommodate the views of all the interested parties on issues of mutual concern in relation to the estuary and its environs,thereby strengthening the influence of which the users working together are capable..

The Association welcomes to its meetings a representative of the harbour authority which is currently the South hams district Council .

Objectives of SKEA

1. To preserve the essential character of the estuary

2. To encourage the early and effective public participation in any decisions which affect the estuary.

3.To develop through consultation with other associations and individuals agreed policies on which it is considered planning should be based, as to both type and the optimum level of activities and to represent them to the appropriate authorities.

4. To prepare specific proposals for improving facilities where necessary and compatible with no 1 above .

5. Generally to serve the interests of the users of the Salcombe and Kingsbridge estuary .